2018 Video Archives

03-18-2018 Second egg is laid at 3:45 PM
03-18-2018 Rebecca and Kewpee interact before the second egg is laid
03-16-2018 Rebecca relieves Kewpee
03-16-2018 Kewpee and the first egg
03-08-2018 Rebecca and Kewpee at nest box
03-06-2018 Kewpee brings breakfast for Rebecca
03-04-3018 Rebecca scrapes gravel
02-15-2018 Rebecca in the nest box
02-16-2018 Kewpee works on the scrape
02-14-2018 Kalamazoo male, Kewpee in snow
02-12-2018 Kewpee and Rebecca visit the box in the snow
02-04-2018 Kewpee brings food for Rebecca