03-18-2023 First egg arrives


Rebecca has been spending much time in the nest box over the last several days in preparation for egg laying.  Kewpee brought food to Rebecca in the morning of 03-18-23. It was pretty blustery with winter weather warnings all day.  She immediately grabbed the food and flew off, which is pretty typical. The first egg arrived late in the evening on 03-18-23 on a very cold (about 19F), snowy, and windy night.  Although it was still cold Sunday morning, the sky was blue and the sun was quickly warming the air.  Rebecca took a break and Kewpee arrived to sit on the egg.  Lucky for him, he found some leftover food to snack on while he did egg duty. Look for the video clips in the video archive.

In previous years, there have been 4 eggs laid about 2 days apart. So, stayed tuned for more to come.

Tags: Kalamazoo falcons, Peregrine nest cam