006-17-2023 All four juvies are home!


The last two juvies returned Saturday morning and reunited with their family.  All the youngsters are now flying well.  It took a couple of days for the landings to smooth out, but now the juvies have strong flights and are chasing each other and their parents around. 

They rely on the parents to supply food and over the next month or so, the adults will teach the young birds skills that they need. They will learn to take food from their parents in the air and carry food in their talons  And learn how to land while holding something with their feet. They will soon be chasing each other trying to steal food from a sibling. These antics are fun to watch.

Because all the youngsters are out of the nest and are only sporadically on the parapet, we have discontinued the live stream feature. The cameras are still live and refresh the image every 10 seconds. Again, we are always grateful for the excellent care they get at Wildside Rehabilitation and Education Center (https://www.facebook.com/wildsiderehab) and the flying practice the young birds get before they come home. Please share your support with this fine non-profit organization if you can.

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