11-15-2023 Home Improvement


Are you a fan of those home improvement shows on TV?  The show starts with a dilapidated house and a creative host with the talent to envision a dream castle.  A few scenes of a crowbar, guys carrying heavy lumber, a few commercials and vioia – an incredible transformation and ecstatic owners!  Well, we certainly hope that Rebecca and Kewpee are fond of home improvement shows because they will be hosting one this Friday.  After 10 years of weather and fond memories of raising 37 (pooping) chicks, the original nest box will be replaced with a new one. The new box will have exactly the same dimensions as the old box although the roof will be intact and there will be less poop (to start with). We hope that it will feel familiar to its residents. It is a daunting task all around from carefully removing the camera, dismantling the old box with gravel that has become a solid block (due to the aforementioned bird poop), assembling the new box, adding fresh gravel, placing the camera into the new box, all the while fending off some very annoyed falcons armed with sharp talons. For obvious reasons, the nest box camera will be off line during this process.

Tags: Peregrine falcon cam, Peregrine falcon nest box