05-21-2024 Banding Day


The two young Peregrine falcons were banded this morning.  Rebecca welcomed the three DNR biologists with her usual gracious hospitality and made sure she gave them frequent pats on the back (and heads) for their efforts. She did not miss any opportunity to show them her opinion about the process! There is one male and one female chick – name suggestions are welcome! 

The new sliding front door to the nest box worked like a charm to keep the youngsters safe while they were being removed for banding.  It was much quicker and easier than trying to cover the front of the box with burlap faster than Rebecca could remove it!  The biologists cleaned up the window well area and cleaned the camera lens after banding.  Many thanks! 

There are four short video clips from banding.  There is no sound because the microphone is part of the nest camera and these videos were taken from the parapet camera.

Tags: peregrine falcon chicks, Peregrine falcon nest box