06-04-2024 Both juvies have fledged - but didn't get very far!

Today had some unexpected excitement when both juvies flew early in the morning. They were a bit ahead of themselves since they still have some downy feathers and are not quite ready to stay airborne. And, they both ended up on the street. Fortuitously, Falconer Brian had stopped by for a social visit and he got put to work! We are grateful that neither falcon had serious mishaps. The female is limping, so she will get checked out. Both are headed to Flight Camp!
We need some names! Here are the leading suggestions so please offer your votes.
Female: Stella, Olive, Pippin, or Beryl (for Beryl Markham - the first woman to fly nonstop across the Atlantic).
Males: Jupiter, Soar, Axtell, or Ezra.

Tags: peregrine falcon fledgling