2016 Video Archives

06-08-2016 Female Peregrine chick fledges
06-08-2016 Almost ready for take off
06-07-2016 More flying practice 2 PM
06-07-2016 Female Peregrine chicks practice for the big day
06-07-2016 Peregrine chick flying practice 10:40 AM
06-04-2016 Female Peregine chicks snacking on leftovers
06-03-2016 Female Peregrine chick looking for snacks
05-31-2016 Female Peregrine chicks about 35 days old
05-31-2016 Arcadia get a snack from Dad
05-20-2106 Banding is complete
05-20-2016 Banding is complete (7:50AM)
05-20-2016 Rebecca and Kewpee defend the nest during banding
05-20-2016 Getting ready to band the chicks
05-20-2016 Time to band the chicks 7:17 AM
05-20-2016 Early morning stretch for the chicks
05-05-2016 Rebecca feeds chicks
05-04-2016 Kewpee comes and goes, Rebecca comes and stays
05-04-2016 Restless chicks under a damp and tired Rebecca
05-02-2016 Rebecca feeds chicks 12 PM
05-02-2016 10A Rebecca feeds chicks
04-28-2016 Rebecca moves the new hatchling (full version)
04-28-2016 Rebecca moves the newborn
04-28-2016 Rebecca feeds three chicks
03-30-2016 Kewpee defends the nest
03-30-2016 Wake up Kewpee! There's an intruder!
03-27-2016 Rebecca relieves Kewpee of incubation duty 8 AM
03-26-2016 Rebecca lays the 4th egg
03-21-2016 Rebecca's second egg
03-19-2016 The first egg - Part 2
03-19-2016 The first egg
03-09-2016 Sharing food
03-09-2016 Rebecca scraping gravel in nest box
The falcon couple discuss the issue of snow in the nest box 03-02-2016
Rebecca steals Kewpie's lunch AGAIN! 02-29-2016
Rebecca says Happy New Year 2016