2019 Video Archives

06-03-2019 Resting 8 PM
05-31-2019 Grooming
05-27-2019 Stretching wings
05-23-2019 Don't touch that egg! A strong message from Rebecca
05-23-2019 Banding Step One
05-23-2019 Close flybys during banding
05-23-2019 Dive bombing the banders
05-24-2019 Three amigos
05-19-2019 Hungry Kalamazoo falcon chicks
05-16-2019 Kewpee arrives with food and Rebecca feeds chicks
05-08-2019 Kewpee cameo then Rebecca feeds
05-02-2019 Rebecca leaves three chicks and Kewpee checks on them
05-01-2019 Rebecca feeding two chicks about 9 AM
04-30-2019 Feeding the first two chicks
04-30-2019 Second chick
04-27-2019 Incubation shift change
04-26-2019 Kewpee leaves and Rebecca arrives
04-30-2019 the first chick
04-14-2019 A cold and blustery day
04-09-2019 Rebecca arrives
04-08-2019 Rebecca relieves Kewpee
4 AM shift change
04-06-2019 A qucik switch during incubation
04-06-2019 Papa Kewpee arranges the eggs
03-05-2019 Rebecca on the parapet in the snow
03-05-2019 Rebecca in the box in the snow
03-04-2019 Rebecca does some housekeeping
03-03-2019 Kewpee and Rebecca bonding in nest box
01-28-2019 Kewpee and Rebecca visit the box