2022 Video Archives

06-10-2022 Victoria's first flight
06-10-2022 Enoch's first flight
06-04-2022 Breakfast on the parapet
05-28-2022 Stealing food not allowed
05-17-2022 How to annoy Mom
05-08-2022 Breakfast for three chicks
05-04-2022 Third chick learning to move
05-04-2022 The third chick just left the egg
05-01-2022 Little chick gets lunch
05-01-2022 Mom arrives with lunch
05-01-2022 Kewpee watches chicks until Rebecca returns with breakfast
04-11-2022 Kewpee leaves and Rebecca arrives
04-11-2022 Kewpee cleaning up nest box
03-31-2022 Kewpee arrives to incubate the 4 eggs
03-29-2022 Kewpee arrives to incubate the 3 eggs
03-27-2022 The second egg
03-11-2022 Kewpee at nest box
03-08-2022 Rebecca at the nest box