2023 Video Archives

11-26-2023 Visiting the new nest box
05-19-2023 Rebecca helps the DNR in the window well
05-19-2023 Banding Day
05-19-2023 Rebecca welcomes the DNR for banding
05-16-2023 Snacking on leftovers
05-16-2023 Food fights at breakfast
05-09-2023 Lunch for the kids
04-30-2023 Getting full on breakfast
04-30-2023 Mom is back with food
04-30-2023 dad stands guard
04-27-2023 Rebecca with three chicks
04-28-2023 the Fourth chick
04-28-2023 Breakfast for three chicks
04-27-2023 Kewpee brings food for the family
04-25-2023 Kewpee arriving
04-25-2023 Kewpee checks on Rebecca and the chick
04-25-2023 The first chick 6:16 AM
04-23-2023 Kewpee relieves Rebecca for incubation
04-09-2023 Rebecca arrives to incubate
03-26-2023 The fourth egg arrives
03-23-2023 kewpee brings food to Rebecca. We see three eggs
03-18-2023 Kewpee brings food to his favorite gal
03-19-2023 Kewpee takes his turn on the first egg
03-08-2023 Rebecca and Kewpee in nest