06-16-2017 Young male Peregrine returns home from rehabilitation


Young male # 1 (Black 64/Blue R) who fledged quite early on May 31 returned home today!  He had a very strong flight right out of the carrier and was immediately joined by Rebecca, Kewpee and his brother (Black 63/Blue R).  They flew to the WMU Medical School and the two young males spent a couple hours flying around and perching together.  Both of their flights and landings are looking good.  We expect that he will make a good adjustment to being back in Kalamazoo with his family.

The young female (Black 24 / Blue Z) is still in rehab and her temperament has mellowed quite a bit. She is flying fairly well and the rehabilitation center hopes to send her home next week if her flying becomes a bit stronger. 

We will have news very soon about their names, so stayed tuned!

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