June 17, 2020 Flight School Graduates Return Home


We celebrated the graduation of our two juvies from flight school.  They obviously paid attention in their classes and flew very well on release back in Kalamazoo at Peregrine Central.  A big Shout-Out to Wildside Rehabilitation and Education Center for all the help and giving our juvies an opportunity to get strength and skill in a safe environment.


One juvie was quite ready to leave the carrier and took off with a strong flight right away.  Unfortunately, Rebecca, her mother, had just flown in the opposite direction being pursued by the other two juvies who had been harassing her mercilessly.  However, the two united in a short while and Rebecca welcomed her home with a large meal.  The other juvie from flight school was reluctant to leave the safe confines of the carrier.  I think his experiences of being captured several times made him quite wary of what might happen.  After a long wait to see if he would emerge on his own, we resorted to giving him a manual assist to get out. He also flew very well and quickly re-united with his siblings.  All four juvies were spotted later in the day. 

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