06-01-2021 On the ledge


Because the nest box camera is pretty obscured (probably with bird droppings), we switched the live stream feature to the parapet camera.  You will need to choose that feature from the main menu at the Kalamazoofalcons.com website.   We discontinued the livestream from the nest cam since you can’t see much anyway. 

Those birds chose an inconvenient time to mess up the camera!!  They will be taking to the air within the week, so they won’t be hanging around the nest box too much longer anyway.  The nest cam is still operational in real time, just not livestream.

For those who enjoy fresh air and a real look at the birds, we will be hanging out watching their first flights and hopefully, keeping them safe if they are grounded.  I will make another post about what to do if you find a juvenile falcon on the ground.

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