05-17-2022 How to annoy your mother


The three chicks are doing well. They seem to grow by the day. There is still a size difference between the first two chicks and the younger one, but they are all eating well and holding their own.  I do not see the unhatched egg anymore.  Either it disintegrated or has rolled into a corner of the nest box not visible to the camera.  As any youngster knows, there are countless ways to annoy your parents.  In case you need to expand your repertoire, one of the chicks demonstrates a technique that is sure to get a reaction from Mom. 

The chicks are in for a little activity that is sure to annoy everyone. They will be banded by the DNR biologists on Monday morning.  This is guaranteed to ruffle a lot of feathers!

Tags: Kalamazoo Peregrine falcons. Peregrine falcon chicks