Watch here for news about the Peregrine Falcons in Kalamazoo.

09-26-2017 Fall Falcon Update


The falcons are doing well and both Kewpee and Rebecca visit the nest box daily. 

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07-10-2017 Kalamazoo falcon update


The young male Peregrine falcon, Sharib, disappeared for a few days around July 4. 

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06-24-2017 Apex returns home


Apex, the female fledgling that has been in rehab for a couple weeks following collision with a building on her fist flight, was returned home and released on June 24.

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Peregrine falcon fledglings named


The Peregrine falcon fledglings were named by the Edison Environmental Science Academy Fith-Graders.

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06-19-2017 The sad loss of a young falcon


It is with a heavy heart that we report that the young male falcon (Black 64/Blue R) who had such a strong release on Friday hit a bank of windows at the WMU School of Medicine and died from the impact.

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06-16-2017 Young male Peregrine returns home from rehabilitation


Young male # 1 (Black 64/Blue R) who fledged quite early on May 31 returned home today!

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06-11-2017 Falcon update and drone alert


The young falcons are making progress here at home and in rehab.

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06-07-2017 Avian Course Corrections


Summer is a busy time for construction in Michigan and we all need to contend with alterations in our usual routes when we encounter “road closed” signs.

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06-06-2017 The last chick has fledged and THANK YOU KALAMAZOO


The last chick (the female) left the nest about 9:30 this morning.

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06-04-2017 Missing male chick has reappeared


The young male falcon who was missing after his first flight has reappeared. 

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