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03-28-2019 The third egg arrives!


The third egg arrived in the early morning on 03-28-2019!

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03-24-2019 The Second Egg Arrives


The second egg arrived early in the morning on 3-24.

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03-22-2019 The First Egg of 2019


Rebecca has kept us all in suspense for the last week wondering when the first egg would be laid.

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03-08-2019 Ready for the Season at Peregrine Central


I paid a visit to Peregrine Central on Friday to clean up around the nest box

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03-07-2019 Spring is coming


The days are getting longer and some days are even sunny!

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Peregrines in Winter

Kewpee and Rebecca visit the box in the snow

Rebecca and Kewpee have weathered our crazy winter weather again this year.

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10.25.2018 Fall Clean up

10-25-2018 Rebecca and Kewpee react to fall clean up

At the end of the active breeding and family rearing season, long after the young falcons have left for their own adventures, the area around the nest box needs a good housekeeping visit.

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09-03-2018 Peregrine Pale Ale is coming soon!


Stop in to BraVo! Restaurant and Café in Portage MI on September 25 from 5 - 7 PM to try the Peregrine Falcon PA during this one of a kind event.

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