Watch here for news about the Peregrine Falcons in Kalamazoo.

06-08-2024 Stell and Soar


The votes for names have been tallied and Stella and Soar are our 2024 Peregrine falcons.

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06-02-2024 Flapping the wings


The two young Peregrine falcons have been spending time on the parapet ledge walking along and flapping their wings.

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05-21-2024 Banding Day


The two young Peregrine falcons were banded this morning. 

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05-19-2024 Getting curious


The two young Peregrines are showing an interest in the world outside of the nest box.

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04-20-2024 Kewpee's shift is over


Kewpee's shift is over and he is ready to leave.

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