Home Alone?


Many concerned web cam watchers have inquired if something has happened to the adult Peregrines since they do not see them in the nest box.  When the eyases were less than a week old, Rebecca, the female Peregrine, was in the nest box most of the time, and when she left, Dad stepped in to watch over the chicks.  As the eyases have gotten bigger, they have been left alone in the box. They had their first night without a parent staying in the box on May 15th.  The youngest chick was 8 days old at that time.  Mom was on the edge of the box for part of the night, but did not cover the chicks as they slept.  However, the youngsters have not really been alone.  Both parents are usually very close by and often one of them can be seen from the parapet camera sitting on top of the nest box or on the ledge or railing.  Even if they are out of view of the camera, they are usually on one of the ledges of the Fifth Third Building.      

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