What do I do if I find a Falcon on the Ground


For local viewers of the Kalamazoo Falcons website, we wanted to pass along some important instructions on what to do if you should find a young falcon on the ground in Kalamazoo.  The first peregrine chick fledged today at 7:17 AM.  Learning to fly and to hunt are dangerous times for a young bird.  There is a lot to learn and it is easier to coast down than it is to fly up.  It will not be unusual to find a fledging that has made it to the ground and now needs some assistance.  Our local Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), who oversees these endangered birds, has provided instructions on what to do if a falcon is found on the ground.  So, here is the plan:

 1.  Call rehabilitator Sharon Butler.

She is based out of Vicksburg and her number is:  269-649-2028. Call her first to arrange for pickup. 

 If the falcon is somewhere that it can be secured we should let it sit until Sharon arrives.  If someone can stay with the bird to wait for Sharon, that would be ideal.  Otherwise, the falcon should be captured and placed in a dark holding container with sufficient air for breathing.   The security folks at Fifth Third Bank have a box that will be available if the bird needs to be moved and it can be brought to the lobby to wait for Sharon if needed.  The Security Desk number is 269-567-7947.

 2. Next, call Mark Mills (DNR Biologist) on his cell 269-967-5367 to let him know what's happening so he can assist.

3.  If you can’t reach Sharon or Mark or the Security Desk, call Gail Walter at 269-345-9211 or 269-598-8784 (cell). Gail is the closest and can stay with the bird or move it if needed.

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