Where are the brds?


There is a “Where is Waldo?” contest currently going on in Kalamazoo.  Images of the cartoon character, Waldo are hiding in various businesses and if you find him, you can get your score sheet checked at that business.  Perhaps we need a “Where are the birds?” contest.  The youngsters have been getting further afield and are less predictable in their patterns.   I have had the experience of seeing Rebecca flying around with a pigeon calling for the kids who were nowhere in sight.  Kewpie does spend time daily in the nest box or sitting in front of it.  If you are patient enough, you will most likely see one or more peregrines if you are downtown on the parking deck.  Eventually they do appear if they are not present upon your arrival.  I have frequently seen three youngsters together.  Our fourth youngster is still in rehab, possibly with a nerve injury to a wing.   He was found walking on a street a couple of weeks ago and has been in rehab since that time.  He was evaluated by Dr. Chuck Mehne last week and the plan is for him to stay in rehab for a couple more weeks, and then be evaluated by the wildlife vet at MSU.  He is eating well and making short flights in the flight cage and hopefully, showing some progress.  He, of course, can’t be released until he can fly well and we hope that he makes a full recovery.         

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