06-03-2016 Peregrine Falcon Update / Youngest Chick Rescued from Parapet


The plan was a predawn raid, aided by the cover of darkness, to rescue the Peregrine falcon chick that had fallen into the parapet and was not able to get out by himself.  The goal was to get into the parapet before the other chicks were awake and out on the ledge so we would not frighten them and risk having them fall off the building.  We looked like cat burglars, dressed in dark clothing and trying to sneak into the access room quietly.  But, the ever-alert Rebecca was onto us and could be heard screaming from the top of the nest box before we had even made it that far.  But, the two female chicks were still in the box and Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) biologist and superhero, Mark Mills, bravely climbed out into the parapet despite Rebecca’s threatening posture and verbal assault.  Perhaps Rebecca was really trying to help by acting so alarmed that the other chicks did not dare to venture out to see what was happening.  It was a great performance and it did have the desired effect of keeping the other chicks safely in the nest box.  A momentary misunderstanding about who should have possession of Mark’s wedding band was quickly resolved and Mark kept his ring.  Our young friend was already sporting two bands he recently received from the DNR.  The chick was safely returned to the nest box and other than some weight loss, he appeared fine.  The help and cooperation of building tenants to orchestrate the rescue are greatly appreciated.  The 4th chick is in rehab to practice his flying skills after fledging prematurely and making a very lucky and safe landing by gliding down onto the parking deck.      

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