04-25-2017 The first chick


Yesterday morning we spotted the first pip in an egg – a small hole that the chick created with its beak.  That egg hatched today (4-25-2017)!  There is another egg with a pip, so we expect to see a second chick on the 26th.   Rebecca has been feeding the first chick and Kewpee came in to incubate the eggs and brood the first chick while Rebecca took a much deserved break.  


Yours truly will be away from the epicenter of action for a couple weeks.  There are some great volunteers who have stepped up to make video clips and I will try to make blog posts while I am away.  Your continued interest in the Kalamazoo Peregrine falcons is very appreciated, so bear with us while we work remotely for a short time. 


The Parapet camera is still down and we will not attempt to repair it while the birds are in the nest.  So, unfortunately, we will have to do without for a while.


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