06-11-2017 Falcon update and drone alert


Our young male Peregrine (Black 63 / Blue R) has been flying well in downtown Kalamazoo.  His flights and landings look great and he has stayed airborne, unlike his siblings.  Rebecca has started some training and has tried to pass food to him mid-air.  This requires the chick to grab it from her feet with his feet. We only saw one attempt which was not a success.  These things do take practice!  Most likely they have been perfecting the process by now.    

Young male # 1 (Black 64/Blue R) has been flying well in rehab and most likely will be returning to Kalamazoo this week.  In the meantime, he shares an enclosure with his sister which helps to keep her calmer.

The young female (Black 24 / Blue Z) is a “spirited child!”  She takes after her mother! The great news is that there were no fractures seen on radiographs.  Hopefully with some time, the swelling in her shoulder will subside, and she will start flying soon.  She did take advantage of bathing in the bath pan, so we think she must not be feeling too bad. 

We observed a drone hovering over the falcons.  This is very alarming, as connecting with a drone would certainly injure a falcon.  The Peregrine falcons are protected as an endangered species in the State of Michigan and are protected federally by the US Migratory Bird Treaty Act.  If you observe a drone near the Peregrines, please contact a public safety officer at the substation in Farmer’s Alley.  They will have a conversation with the drone operator.  As fun as drone might be, operating them near the falcons is irresponsible and dangerous for the birds. Please help keep the birds safe.


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