06-07-2018 Two juvies in flight


Black 28/Blue Z who made a bold jump to the City Centre Building on Sunday (6-3) finally made another flight after being on the roof for three days.  She was spooked by a workman who came onto the roof and flew a few blocks east then worked her way back to the bank where she spent the night on a window sill.  She made a few other short flights today and maintained good altitude.  Her sister Black 27/Blue Z also tried a few short flights and has stayed air-borne after her premature fledging attempt on 05-30.      

The third sister, Black 29/Blue Z has stayed near the nest or in the shade of the window well when it is hot and sunny.  She still has more downy feathers than the other two at this point.  None of these juvies act real eager to fly just yet. 

Tags: Kalamazoo Peregrine falcons. Peregrine falcon fledgings