06-10-2018 Two juvies flying well


Two of the three young female Kalamazoo falcons are flying well.  Black 28/Blue Z and Black 27/Blue Z have been flying and landing very well the last couple of days.  They return to the nest box and hang out there with their late blooming sister a lot.  At least one juvie has been sleeping in the nest box at night (not to mention naps during the day).  Previous clutches of fledglings did not return to the nest box regularly like these chicks are doing.  It makes it fun to watch and much easier to track where they are.

Female Black 29 / Blue Z has yet to take her first flight.  She still has some downy feathers.  She has been up on the parapet consistently in this cooler rainy weather rather than in the window well.  She has done a small amount of wing flapping, but no flight yet.  We hope to see her take wing soon.  Maybe when the rain stops!

Rebecca engaged in a spirited game of chase today which she instigated by flying back and forth with food in her beak.  Soon she had two hungry youngsters in hot pursuit.  This is the first step of a training sequence we have witnessed every year.  Lesson one: Increase flying skills and start learning the art of pursuit. 

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