07-09-2018 Juvenile Update


The young Peregrines continue to thrive and are still seen soaring over downtown.  It is always a relief to see all three of them after the July 4th celebrations.  Loud noise, flashing lights, and smoke from fireworks are new and often disturbing experiences for any animal.  Without the ability to understand what is happening, many animals will flush, and run (or fly), to try to get to safety and can inadvertently get themselves into a more dangerous predicament.  Thankfully, our young birds (and parents) weathered the holiday and have all been seen at Peregrine Central. 

As a Peregrine concierge, one gets some interesting calls. Today it was from someone who found a leftover leg with a green plastic band.  That green plastic band would be from a racing pigeon (who obviously did not win this race).  I hope it was tasty, since it certainly would have been more expensive than a local pigeon! 

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