03-07-2019 Spring is coming


The days are getting longer and some days are even sunny!  Rebecca and Kewpee have been here all winter and have visited the nest box regularly, even in the snow.  You can see some snowy visits in a few video clips, even just a couple days ago.  Now that it is March, they are showing signs of getting ready for the next nesting season.  They are in and out of the nest box a lot.  And, we have reports of mating activity.  Rebecca has spent some time doing housekeeping and was in the box a long time on Monday March 4 picking at the gravel.   It was a very snowy day on Tuesday 3/5/2019 and there are a couple of clips of Rebecca in the box, then out on the parapet ledge in the snow.  She sat on the light fixture for a couple of hours in the snow.  They have created a scrape (a shallow depression) in the gravel which is where eggs (hopefully) will be laid.  Both birds perform the scraping routine almost every time they are in the box.  You can see Rebecca doing this in the video clip on 3/4/2010.  Last year the first egg was laid on March 16, so it’s time to start the nest watch.  Stay tuned. 

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