05-18-2018 The three chicks are growing

Rebecca feeds three chicks

The chicks are well fed and are thriving.  In the video clip from 05-16-2019, you can see Kewpee arrive with food, which Rebecca immediately snatches from him and then feeds the chicks.  The adults are now typically outside the box, often on the parapet, railing, or even on the top of the box – never very far away.  We have gotten some questions about how limp they have looked on some recent warm days.  Because they still have only downy feathers, their temperature regulation is limited.  When it is chilly, they huddle together and when it is warm, they spread out.  Because it has been relatively cool this season, they are not acclimated to the heat, and if they are in the warm sun, they do get a bit limp.  Rebecca has shielded at least one of them from the sun when this has happened.  When their feathers grow in, they will have more temperature regulation since they can raise and lower the feathers in response to the temperature. There is still one unhatched egg rolling around the nest box and it is looking a bit worse for the wear.  Eventually it will degenerate.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources will band the chicks this coming week on May 23.  This is a disruptive event for the family but is usually completed in less than 30 minutes. 

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