05-23-2019 We all survived banding (Phew!)

three Peregrine brothers

The chicks got their legs bands on Thursday (5/23) morning.  It started as a rainy morning, but the rain mostly ended by 7AM and became only an occasional drizzle.  None of the birds, parents or chicks, were pleased with the banding procedure.  Rebecca did her best to undo every step the DNR banders tried.  She was very defensive as usual and would have nothing to do with covering the front of the box in order to safely remove the chicks.  But somehow the banders got hold of the chicks and no person or bird suffered any consequences.  The banders determined that this year we have three males!  It’s not too early to start thinking of some good names.  I will post some videos and photos of the banding. 

And, these young fellas will be thinking about flying sooner than later.  Fledging is a very dangerous time for the young birds because if they end up on the ground, they need to be rescued.  They are supposed to fledge between Day 40 and Day 45 of age, but we have always had at least one eager beaver who fledged early each year.  Many eyes on the skies are needed between June 4 and June 16, so please let us know if you would like to join the Peregrine Patrol and spend some quality time in downtown Kalamazoo.  Even a few hours are helpful.


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