06-12-2019 Mid-Week update from Kalamazoo Falcons


At the end of the day on Monday (6/10), the last fledgling (black 39/Blue C) had flown around the bank to land on the west side.  He stayed in this location overnight and all day on Tuesday without attempting to fly.  He was still present around 5 PM, but when yours truly tried to spot him at 5:30, he was not visible.  Despite several attempts at various angles from the ground, I just could not see him.  But, the undefeated second shift team of AZ and NN arrived and not only confirmed that he was still in that location (tucked back in the shade since that side of the building was in the bright sun and was very warm), they saw him fly around to the east side of the bank and back to home base where he joined his family! 

On Tues (6/11), the first two fledglings spent time back at the nest box and on the School of Medicine and their flights looked strong and their landings improved quite a bit.  Rebecca and Kewpee took exception to a Great Blue Heron that violated the airspace and brought him to the ground.  Thankfully, the heron flew off and hopefully was not injured.  These herons fly through downtown every day, so they are not strangers and certainly do not pose a threat to a falcon.  On Wed morning, all five birds were present and flying well.  One juvie got the inkling that he was a falcon and dove into a flock of pigeons, which easily dispersed.  This is how all the young falcons start to hunt.  Chasing twenty pigeons is less successful than chasing one! 

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