06-17-2019 Abe, Frank, and Stryker


The three young fledglings are doing well and have stayed air borne.  Their flights are strong and their landings are improving.  They are learning to take food from their parents in mid-air but rely on their parents to supply food and are quite vocal when they spot a parent with food.  At least two of them are often in very close proximity to each other and the third youngster is typically nearby. 

The names chosen for this year’s youngsters, Abe, Frank, and Stryker, fall into the category of famous people in Kalamazoo history.  Abe is named for Abraham Lincoln who’s only visit to Michigan occurred in Bronson Park in  Kalamazoo in 1856.  Frank is named for Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous architect.  Kalamazoo county boasts eight homes that were designed by him, including the Usonian style homes in Parkwyn Village.  Stryker is named for Homer Stryker, an orthopedic surgeon, inventor, businessman, and the founder of Stryker Corporation, a thriving business yet today.  His inventions as early as the 1930’s were revolutionary and contributed to orthopedic care, patient comfort, and medical staff convenience. 

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