03-15-2020 Don't let his name fool you


On this sunny Sunday afternoon, Andrea got in some quality Peregrine watching and caught an amazing sequence of photos.  Kewpee flew in with prey but had to circle the G tower to get enough altitude to land.  This is typical of Ospreys flying up from the water with a massive fish, but it is not usual for a Peregrine.  However, Kewpee’s catch of the day was a male hooded merganser.  A hooded merganser weighs about the same as a male peregrine and is a few inches longer.  As Kewpee came in for a landing he switched from holding the prey with two talons to one talon, then placed it on the G and landed.  I cannot condone or defend his choice of protein but must admire his athletic prowess.  Rebecca was watching this feat and hopefully was as impressed as we are about Kewpee’s skills as a good provider.  His name may give you pause about his “manliness”, but he is no slouch when it comes to hunting and defending the territory.  And Rebecca did lay an egg two days later (but I am getting ahead of myself). 

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