05-07-2020 Breakfast in Kalamazoo


It is hard to believe but the bigger, older chicks (eyasses in falcon terms) are now two weeks old.  Our little one is about 12 days and still much smaller than his sibs.  But he (or she) is active and eating well.  Rebecca is having some challenges keeping them all tucked under her now that they have gotten larger.  She also spends more time sitting just outside or on top of the box (and out of view).  But trust that she is close by even if you cannot see her.  I captured another video clip of a feeding frenzy.  I did not record the first part where the larger chicks dominated the feeding.  They are so much taller and very enthusiastic about grabbing for food compared to the little one that Rebecca cannot even reach past them to feed the little one.  But, after the larger chicks have gotten their share of the food, Rebecca turns her attention to her smallest, which you will see in the video clip.  

And, great news - the parapet camera is back on line.

Tags: Kalamazoo Peregrine falcons. Peregrine falcon chicks