05-19-2020 Growing fast


The chicks are really changing now. You can see tail and wing feathers starting to poke through the white down.  They are lumbering around, and I expect them to start exploring out of the box any day (hopefully very carefully)!!  I am catching up on some video clips, so be sure to watch the ones from May 11.  Kewpee arrived with food in the evening when Rebecca was out.  Needless to say, the chicks were hungry.  Kewpee does a fine job in feeding the chicks even though they have him on the edge of the box without time to dress out the dinner meal.  Notice how the little chick worms his way to the front of the line.  Rebecca then returns and in her usual take-charge style, does just that and shows us how it should be done.  Notice again, the little chick manages to wiggle his way past his siblings and get right up front again. 

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