07-06-2020 Fledgling update


The Kalamazoo juvies have been doing well.  They are flying very well and maintain their home base around the Fifth third building, WMU School of Medicine, and Zoetis.  Rebecca and Kewpee have been watchful parents and have taken action if people ventured out on a roof when the juvies were there.  But the youngsters are getting more independent and it is hard to get a visual confirmation that all four birds are present at any time, since they don’t always put in an appearance as a quartet.  They do chase each other and play tag – all good skills they need to survive on their own.  They have been seen hunting and carrying prey, so it appears that they are successful hunters, at least some of the time.  Typically, the young falcons leave in mid to late July, so we probably only have a short time left to watch them


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