07-05-2021 Post Holiday Falcon Update


Our young accident-prone falcon, Skye, is still in rehab at Wildside Rehabilitation and Education Center. The initial reports that he was flying were a bit premature.  He was actually only doing short hops.  He most likely had a concussion that has taken a while to resolve.  He has now started to fly in a small flight cage, so we will see how quickly he progresses.  It would be great to have him back in Kalamazoo soon.

His two siblings have been doing well. They are getting training in hunting and catching prey from their father and are quick to try and steal food from each other, accompanied by lots of vocalization. 

The 4th of July is a scary time with lots of load noises and firework displays.  We are always concerned how the birds will react to the commotion.  It seems like they came through the holiday without any adverse consequences. 


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