07-13-2021 Syke returns again


Skye spent two weeks at Wildside Rehabilitation and Education Center after being found on the sidewalk about 2 blocks from home base.  We believe he collided with a building or the skywalk over Portage Road and suffered a head injury.  Another falcon from Grand Rapids (c/73) had a similar incident and the two young males got to be roommates at Wildside.  They both graduated from a small flight cage to the 120-foot flight cage for their final flying test, which they both passed.  Both young falcons returned to their respective families on July 12.  Skye was eager to leave the carrier and took off immediately.  Rebecca was on hand to welcome him home and circled the area where is landed.  He was spotted later that day at home on the 5/3 building.  We had a report that three screaming juvies were seen chasing an adult falcon this morning, so it sounds like things are going well.  Let’s hope our youngsters keep out of trouble the rest of the season.  Thanks to Andrea Zinkus for catching photos of  Skye’s release.     

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