03-15-2022 Spring time


It is time to get caught up on the latest from our favorite feathered characters.  Rebecca and Kewpee have been here all winter and have visited the nest box regularly, even in the snow. They know that it is spring, and they have renewed their bond by visiting the nest box frequently and creating a scrape in the gravel.  They seem to be real home bodies lately and it is common to see one in the nest box.  And we have a report of mating, so we expect to see eggs soon.  In the previous five years, the first egg has been laid between March 16 and March 22.  So, stay tuned!

You may notice some changes in the views of the nest box.  We recently upgraded the camera and microphone.  The image is sharper and when the live stream is turned on (when the chicks hatch) or when you listen to a videoclip or Facebook post, the microphone sound has improved.  The old microphone picked up a lot of background wind noise, and this new one has less of that.  You can hear traffic and occasionally sirens and the sound of trucks beeping as they back up.  The change in camera was precipitated by a change in the video recorder.  The old video recorder only worked with Internet Explorer, which is no longer supported.  And the new video recorder did not work with the old camera and microphone.  Keeping up with technology is like trying to find the end of the rainbow – impossible.  At any rate, the Peregrines emptied their piggy bank buying all these new toys. We have been grateful for all the support that has kept the falcons β€œon the air.”  Each donation has been very appreciated.  Please know that your support going forward will be considered even more precious.


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