06-04-2022 Breakfast al fresco


The chicks have been spending much of their time out of the nest box. Rebecca has delivered food to the parapet and there is a video clip of breakfast al fresco today.   It certainly keeps us all on edge watching them walk along the parapet and then disappear to a spot out of camera range.  They will start to fly this coming week, which is a dangerous time for our rookie falcons.  They often end up on the ground or places they did not intend to land. We will be watching closely from near by and do our best to keep them out of harm’s way. Join us on the parking ramp for some quality hours of watching nothing, interspersed with minutes of adrenaline.

A concerned falcon fan inquired about avian flu.  We are certainly aware and concerned about the risk of that disease.  All birds of prey and waterfowl are especially susceptible and we worry about our falcon family in Kalamazoo.  At this time, they are all safe and healthy and we hope they remain so.  We can only urge people to stop feeding birds of any type during this time to decrease the possibility of spreading disease.  We do find corn in the nest box area, so we know that some local birds are being fed and then may become dinner for the Peregrines. 

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