06-20-2022 All juvies are back


The two older Kalamazoo juvies, Alex and Victoria are doing well. They are flying and landing with ease and are now playing with each other on the wing. That is always fun to see and they are learning skills and getting strong. Enoch was enjoying his time at the Wildside Rehabilitation and Resort Center. I think he misunderstood that he was enrolled in Flight Camp and seemed content to relax and order quail breast from room service as often as he wanted.  The good food must have fortified him and helped with his final feather growth because he did finally get around to flying and passed his practical exam.  We were notified Saturday evening (6/18) that he was ready to come back.  We released him on Sunday and he had strong flights and maintained good altitude.  He reunited with his family and we have seen all three youngsters several times in the last day.  Hopefully Wildside Rehabilitation and Education Center is not charging by the quail, or we will have a large tab! If you happen to have a few extra dollars or quail in your pocket, I'm sure that would be happy to receive a donation.

Tags: Kalamazoo Peregrine falcons. Peregrine falcon fledgings