What to do if you see a young Peregrine on the ground


Our young endangered Peregrine Falcons that reside on the Fifth Third Bank building will soon be learning to fly.  It will not be unusual to find one that has made it to the ground but now needs our help because it does not yet have the skill to fly back up.  Young falcons are crow-sized, have brown stripes on the chest.  They have bands on their legs.  See www.KalamazooFalcons.com  for photos and info.  The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has provided instructions on what to do if you find a falcon on the ground.   


  1.     Call or text Gail Walter at 269-598-8784 (cell).  Gail will try to be on site during fledging.  Leave a message if no response.
  2.     Call or text DNR Biologist Mark Mills at 269-967-5367


The falcon should be placed in a cardboard box or pet carrier with sufficient air for breathing.  Placing a towel over the bird will usually calm it enough to be able to pick it up.  We will be sending grounded youngsters to a rehabilitation center if needed.


If you are in downtown Kalaqmazoo, the roof of your building may be a favorite of the young birds.  The parents are very protective and will dive bomb anyone on the roof at this time and can make contact.   If work on the roof is needed, for your safety, please wear a hard hat.

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