07-19-2022 Victoria


It is the time when the juvenile Peregrines start to venture further afield and strike out on their own.  We have not seen the young birds consistently for the last week. 

It is with a very heavy heart that I share some news about Victoria.  She was found on an elk farm in Barry County and was not able to fly.  The Nevins family recognized that this was a special bird and when she took off running, they pursued her and were able to capture her.  They extended themselves in her rescue and transfer to rehabilitation.  She had a broken wrist and had surgery to stabilize it several days later.  Unfortunately, she stopped breathing and died under anesthesia despite all efforts to revive her.  We are just heart-broken. 

We hope that the other juvies are doing well and staying safe in their next adventures. 

Tags: juvenile peregrine falcons, Kalamazoo falcons