The Peregrine chicks were banded today by Michigan DNR biologists, Don Poppe and Nik Kalejs.  Rebecca set the tone with a warm welcome as soon as Don and Nik stepped into the window well by attacking Nik several times. The biologists attempt to put burlap cloth over the opening of the box to prevent the chicks from getting out before they are scooped up.  Rebecca does her best to undo everything, so patience and persistence are needed. Despite her objections, the robust chicks were banded, and it appears there are two males and two females.  After banding, we asked the biologists to clean the camera lens so the falcon fans can have a clear view.  Rebecca had used up her patience by that time and decided she was going to go into the window well to hurry things along.  It’s a small space and was rather congested for a minute with two grown men and a large bird flapping her wings. But, after the initial surprise, they all got things sorted out and Rebecca flew off to continue supervising from the parapet ledge and Don and Nik were able to clean the camera and return the chicks to the nest box. (That clear view from the nest camera lasted about one day before one of the chicks took aim and pooped on it -Sigh!). The chicks then had a snack and took a nap after their exciting morning. There are a few video clips in the archive and still shots in the gallery from the banding. 

The  chicks are already exploring outside the nest box.  Another sigh! 

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