Peregrine Falcons ready to fly the coop

Peregrine Falcons ready to fly the coop

The peregrine falcon chicks perched high atop the 5/3 bank tower in downtown Kalamazoo are about ready to fly the coop. (With video)

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Kalamazoo's peregrine falcon chicks escape banding


The Peregrine falcon chicks that nest in the 5/3 building downtown escaped being banded due to fear of injury.

Nik Kalejs, head of Peregrine falcon banding for the Michigan DNR, made the call. After seeing the size and mobility of the chicks, he determined that risk of injury to the chicks and the potential to scare the birds off the edge was too great.

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Kalamazoo Peregrine Falcons Have Chicks


Exciting news for birdwatchers in downtown Kalamazoo. After years of attempts at reproducing, the two peregrine falcons have successfully hatched chicks in a nesting box built by volunteers just outside the building on the thirteenth floor of the 5/3 Bank.

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