Kalamazoo falcons

04-15-2020 A chilly week


The weather has changed from the balmy temperatures of a week ago. 

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03-28-2019 The third egg arrives!


The third egg arrived in the early morning on 03-28-2019!

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03-08-2019 Ready for the Season at Peregrine Central


I paid a visit to Peregrine Central on Friday to clean up around the nest box

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04-28-2018 Chicks are thriving


The chicks are doing well. They look active and alert and are well fed and attended to by Rebecca and Kewpee.

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06-24-2017 Apex returns home


Apex, the female fledgling that has been in rehab for a couple weeks following collision with a building on her fist flight, was returned home and released on June 24.

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05-01-2017 Just three chicks this year


We have a different situation this year compared to the last several years. One of the eggs was not viable and did not hatch. After almost a week after the other eggs hatched, the last egg looked degenerated. Rebecca dispensed with the dead egg yesterday and even the remaining shell fragments looked abnormal. The three chicks are thriving. They hatched within a day of each other so are very close in size so are equal competitors for food. And the food is plentiful thanks to Kewpee's hunting skills and frequent delivery service!

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