Kalamazoo falcons

03-19-2017 The first egg has arrived


Rebecca laid the first egg early in the morning on Sunday, 3/19/2017

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Kalamazoo Falcon chicks need names!


Now that the Peregrine chicks are banded, they need names!  The Fifth/Third Bank is once again hosting a contest to name the birds.


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Young peregrine falcons are named


The young Kalamazoo peregrines received their community names today.  The birds will still be identified by their official federal and state band numbers, but the Fifth Third Bank hosted a contest to give community names to three of the four 2015 hatchlings.  A panel of judges, including Kalamazoo mayor Bobby Hopewell, sorted through the forty names submitted from the community.  The fourth bird was previously named by a local classroom.

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Where are the brds?


There is a “Where is Waldo?” contest currently going on in Kalamazoo.  Images of the cartoon character, Waldo are hiding in various businesses and if you find him, you can get your score sheet checked at that business.

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Am I a Boy or a Girl?


In my blog posts, I often use pronouns of he, she, or s/he when referring to a bird.  In reality, I often don’t know for sure.  The gender of a falcon is recorded at the time of banding, based on size alone.

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KALAMAZOO, MICH- July 7, 2015 – Fifth Third Bank announced it is officially collecting name suggestions from the community to name three of Kalamazoo’s banded Peregrine Falcon chicks today.

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Fledgling Falcons at Training Camp


The young Kalamazoo Peregrine falcons that are at summer flight camp got a visit from the Kalamzoo Gazette.  You can access the story here. 


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Peregrine chicks get banded


Wednesday morning, May 27, was a big day for the peregrine chicks. They got to meet Michigan Department Natural Resources (DNR) Wildlife Biologists, Nik Kalejs and Ken Kesson, who placed identification bands on their legs. 


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How are you using the Peregrine Falcon Cam in your Classroom?


We would like to learn how teachers and educators are using the Kalamazoo Peregrine Falcon cam in the classroom.

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