Peregrine falcon cam

09-03-2023 Off-line!!


Do you miss us?

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006-17-2023 All four juvies are home!


The last two juvies returned Saturday morning and reunited with their family.

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06-09-2023 Fledging update


Every year fledging week is tense, crazy, and very busy.  Each year is a bit different, but this year really gave us some surprises. 

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The Peregrine chicks were banded today by Michigan DNR biologists, Don Poppe and Nik Kalejs

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05-01-2022 Two chicks have hatched

Rebecca arrives with food

Two of the eggs have hatched in the last 24 hours

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03-31-2022 the fourth egg arrives


Rebecca’s fourth egg arrived about 5 PM on Thursday March 31st.

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04-18-2020 Food exchange


Kewpee arrived at the nest box with some food for his mate, Rebecca.

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