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05-02-2019 The third chicks hatched

05-02-2019 Father Kewpee and 3 chicks

The third egg hatched sometime in the early morning.

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04-30-2019 The Secind Chick Hatches


The second chick hatched about 2:20 PM today. 

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03-28-2019 The third egg arrives!


The third egg arrived in the early morning on 03-28-2019!

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03-24-2019 The Second Egg Arrives


The second egg arrived early in the morning on 3-24.

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03-22-2019 The First Egg of 2019


Rebecca has kept us all in suspense for the last week wondering when the first egg would be laid.

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03-08-2019 Ready for the Season at Peregrine Central


I paid a visit to Peregrine Central on Friday to clean up around the nest box

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03-07-2019 Spring is coming


The days are getting longer and some days are even sunny!

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