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Rehab Again for the First Fledgling


The first juvenile falcon that fledged from the nest and ended up in rehab shortly after fledging was found walking on Water Street this week and is now back in rehab.

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Summer camp is over. Two young falcons return home


The two young peregrine falcons that ended up on the ground after their first flights are back at home.

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Kalamazoo peregrines fly into freedom without a hitch


The two young peregrine fledglings whose first flights included ground landings and subsequent rehabilitation for flight training were successfully released today.

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Young Peregrines Flight Training

Peregrine Falcon Fledgling Training

The two fallen Peregrine Falcons that were taken into the care of registered wildlife rehabilitator Sharron Butler in Vicksburg are doing well with their flight training and rehabilitation. The birds are safe, doing well, and will be returned to downtown Kalamazoo later this week.

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The missing fledgling surfaces


The young falcon that fledged on June 14, 2015 was spotted today.

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Fledgling Falcons at Training Camp


The young Kalamazoo Peregrine falcons that are at summer flight camp got a visit from the Kalamzoo Gazette.  You can access the story here.

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Where are the Birds? Peregrine Fledgling Update


Wow!  It has been a pretty busy 4 days at Peregrine Central!

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First Flight for a Peregrine Chick

First flight today

One of the chicks graduated from being an eyas to being a fledgling at 38 days of age this morning at 7:17 AM.

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What do I do if I find a Falcon on the Ground


Our local Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), who oversees these endangered birds, has provided instructions on what to do if a falcon is found on the ground. 

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Falcon cam addicts forced into withdrawal when live stream view has technical issues


Panic ensures as hundreds of Peregrine webcam addicts are forced into withdrawal!

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