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04-23-2023 Chicks soon??


What day will the eggs hatch??

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04-09-2023 Incubation switch


The days are getting longer and sometimes warmer.

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03-23-2023 Three eggs!


The third egg arrived on 03-23-2023 sometime in the afternoon.

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03-21-2023 Two eggs!


The second egg arrived late in the evening on 03-20-23, two days after the first one.

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03-18-2023 First egg arrives


The first egg was laid late in the evening on 3-18-2023.

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03-08-2023 Nest box greetings


Rebecca and Kewpee are renewing their bond with mutual bowing to each other in the box.

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07-19-2022 Victoria


It is the time when the juvenile Peregrines start to venture further afield and strike out on their own.

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06-11-2022 Juvies in flight


Things have been a little intense at Peregrine Central the last few days.

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