Watch here for news about the Peregrine Falcons in Kalamazoo.

05-19-2018 The chicks are banded!


The chicks were banded by three Michigan DNR biologists on Thursday May 17.

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05-16-2018 Banding is tomorrow


The chicks are about 22 days old now.  This is the perfect time to band them

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04-28-2018 Chicks are thriving


The chicks are doing well. They look active and alert and are well fed and attended to by Rebecca and Kewpee.

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04-18-2018 Staying the course


The Peregrines in Michigan (and elsewhere) have braved some very tough weather in the last week.

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04-06-2018 Cold weather persists

04-06-2018 Rebecca leaves, Kewpee arrives

The cold windy weather continues in Kalamazoo.

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